PLANET-ROCKLOG - who we are?


The founders - Christian Meichsner & Richard Arnold - bring in 30 years of experience in logistics and IT. Our purpose with the PLANET-ROCKLOG initiative is to build systems, which are ingenious simple, highly-performing and very modern.


Systems must create pleasure at a low price and without the need of extra-infrastructure in order to make it available to anybody in the world.



Who is the PLANET-ROCKLOG target group?


Any company on this globe who has logistics bottlenecks to resolve. Our first client is now implemented; others are in testing stage. We operate globally and our pricing is accordingly defined.



What does PLANET-ROCKLOG cost?


Each client defines the monthly fees based on his amount of crews, locations and stocks. No additional costs unless a client wants to have additional hardware (e.g. scanning devices).



What is a PLANET-ROCKLOG Crew?


We provide Crew 1:1; therefore you get always tow licenses: One for the control center (e.g. desktop) and one for the satellite (e.g. smartphone). You get therefore always 2 licenses per user.



What are the PLANET-ROCKLOG deliverables?


It is our claim to operate at the lowest costs possible (in max. 20% of the market). In our fees we include the usage, the support and the maintenance of the software. The client purchases the hardware - if required - and the labels (for location and stocks) himself. No project costs, no hidden costs and no trap-in contract.



How fast is PLANET-ROCKLOG deployed?


Technically we are able to deliver the software to any client globally within 15 until 30 minutes. All what is needed are master data, internet connectivity, a PC / smartphone and a cheap laserjet printer for the printing@home labels. This all means that we are 22 faster in deployment than the market.



Which PLANET-ROCKLOG editions exist?


PLANET-ROCKLOG is available as a Starter edition (Mercury) and as a enterprise edition (Jupiter, ready by end of 2016). Please follow our details on the website.



Why should one use PLANET-ROCKLOG?


Simply because it is very modern, user-friendly and high performing. One can start without any extra-infrastructure. BYOD becomes reality. In addtiton it starts with a positive ROI from the beginning. Why spend lots of money and sign a long-lasting contract, when there is a different, fair approach available? It is up to you to decide!



Application & Tutorial


What are the PLANET-ROCKLOG check-digits?


We implemented the concept of the check-digits in order to enable everybody to identify locations and stocks without any extra-infrastructure. Since we expect our clients to work under bad (weather-) conditions we want them to be able to carry on their work, even when a scanner fails (bad light, rain, low battery, etc.). It does not matter, if the check-digits on the loading unit are printed or written manually.



What is the PLANET-ROCKLOG sunburst?


The Sunburst is our core element in the software; so to speak your «homing device» in all processes. Simply said the sunburst shows your warehouse or storage topology, without any table views. The advantage out of this is, that you always have a birds view on your storage locations and the right guidance to your stocks. It does not matter how big your warehouse is, we are able to integrate it in the sunburst and to make it readable for you by zoom-in and zoom-out function.



Does PLANET-ROCKLOG accept scanners?


Of course! For forklifts we recommend a BT scanner (Model: DS3578 ER, www.zebra.com). Also possible is the application of a scanner jacket for a smartphone (www.lineapro.ch) together with the suitable JacketPro App (from App Store). Like we said, these are only additional options for our clients. They are not necessary to run PLANET-ROCKLOG smoothly.



Is there a PLANET-ROCKLOG tutorial?


Yes, it is available on our website. We produced for the most important use cases videos. Take your time and enjoy for a couple of seconds the one you are interested in.



How does PLANET-ROCKLOG invoice?


For the beginning we will send invoices per e-mail (PDF), according to our Terms & Conditions in the impressum. The client can choose between monthly or quarterly invoice. Later on we will implement an e-payment solution for credit cards, paypal, etc.





What hardware requires PLANET-ROCKLOG?


Basically PLANET-ROCKLOG is running on desktop, tablet & smartphone (Apple, Android) and on all browsers. It is up to you to decide whether you need additional hardware.



Is there rugged hardware available?


Yes, there is. We have PLANET-ROCKLOG perfectly adapted to our «PROFESSIONAL-LINE» (Model: ALGIZ RT7 incl. craddle, www.handheldgroup.com).





No, 3G connectivity is - when stable available - sufficient enough. The PLANET-ROCKLOG architecture supports 3G connectivity, try it out!





Which labels does PLANET-ROCKLOG need?


We provide you with PDF's which you can print out on cheap, rugged and all weather labels (Item no.: 8331 and 8029, www.herma.ch). Minimum quantity of 200 pcs for a fair pricing.





SID and LID stand for Stock ID (stocks) and Location ID (location). Both are available as cards which belong to the key elements of the software.





Is there any M2M to or from PLANET-ROCKLOG?


Yes, of course. We provide M2M solutions for all relevant host-systems (SAP, Navision, Abacus, etc.). We know the requirements and we are able to offer them at a reasonable pricing. By standard we deliver even in Mercury edition a smart supplier and 3PL integration for free.



Security & Hosting


Does PLANET-ROCKLOG provide data backups?


We backup encrypted on the cloud your data, hourly. You can get this backup on request.



Where is PLANET-ROCKLOG hosted?


Included in the fee is a European hosting. «Near-shore Swiss hosting» or «on premise» are possible but at an extra fee. Ask us about it.