First Steps


1. Storage Topology Creation


This is all about your storage locations. Please fill in Upload_LID.xlsx accoding to our examples. In case you need help do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



2. Item Master Creation


This is all about your item master data. Please fill in Upload_Items.xlsx accoding to our examples. If you have additional item attributes, feel free to add additional colums.



3. Master Data Upload

Please send us both excel spreadsheets (Upload_LID.xlsx & Upload_Items.xlsx) and we will prepare your system access within 24 hours. We will provide you with the credentials.



4. Inventory


As soon as you have your system access, you can start doing your inventory. For this we advise you to watch our videos or contact us for support.



5. Get Started


Time to enjoy your warehousing. No more loss of time for searching your goods, just use PLANET-ROCKLOG. Have fun in optimizing your logistics and gain day by day more efficiency.




Youtube Channel


Watch PLANET-ROCKLOG Youtube Channel for more information.




Support & FAQ


Get in touch with us at any time at support@rocklog.ch or read through our FAQ.